40 Things Before 40

In September 2013 I turned 30. I like to think I handled the milestone gracefully, although every milestone will cause you to look at where you are in life, and where you want to be.  While happy with my life, I had become a bit stagnant, and I believe you should never become stagnant.  So I decided to challenge myself, push myself a little bit and hopefully life a fuller, happier life as a more well-rounded person.

So here they are, in no particular order.  I am going to attempt to accomplish all of these things in the next 10 9 years.

1. Go back to Europe – a part I’ve never seen.
2. Go to Japan
3. Enter, and complete, NaNoWriMo
4. Finish my tattoos
5. Work full time for an arts organization
6. Contribute to my 401K instead of just relying on my company contributions
7. Build an actually healthy savings account
8. Write an album
9. Be brave enough to record it
10. Watch the AFI 100 best films
11. Grow “mermaid” hair
12. Get to my goal “healthy” weight
13. Build my credit score to “great”
14. Acquire awesome Halloween decorations
15. Beat “Donkey Kong Country” on the SNES (accomplished 2/25/2014
16. Beat a Super Mario Bros. game
17. Read all books on the New York Times Best 100 Novels list
18. Learn about, and invest wisely in, the stock market
19. Run a 10k
20. Go to the Superbowl with my Dad
21. Learn to fluently speak another language
22. Go to The Gathering
23. Go to Burning Man
24. Go to Las Vegas
25. Buy a house
26. Become debt free (probably before the house)
27. Start my own business
28. Pick one charity and become a monthly sustaining donor
29. Get an AmEx card
30. Buy an electric or hybrid car
31. Create a truly awesome Halloween costume from scratch.
32. Get an electric piano
33. Get involved in local politics
34. Earn my Equity card
35. Join a band again
36. Go sky diving
37. Attempt to mend bridges I regret burning
38. Adopt a shelter dog
39. Learn to play, and become decent at, a first person shooter
40. Learn to cook a full gourmet meal from scratch – appetizers to dessert and drinks

It’s a lot, and I know it’s a lot, but that’s the point of challenging yourself, right?


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